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Admittedly, my creativity can be a therapeutic escape. When processing emotions I may change colour in mid stream and lose myself into the flow of paint.  The results create numerous painting styles! Sometimes 3 paintings merge onto one canvas.

My philosophy on creativity: At any time we can write/paint a new life story for ourselves by breaking old rules. Make those amends. Forgive people and yourself. Set all judgments aside. Focus your attention on the present moment. What may seem like a mountain of difficulty, is really a bridge to deeper love and connection. This way you will heal old wounds and continue to make room in your life for higher love.

Equality of Opposites
A melding together of my natural sense of individuality, rebellion, and creativity. When making room to speak about what actually exists, there is less room to make time wondering about everything left unsaid.
Unconditional acceptance of every aspect of self and others, spreads love forward.
(834) Acrylic on 36″ x 28″ canvas $1000