I have been creatively inspired as far back as I can remember. All of my artistic endeavours arise through a deep emotional disconnection that began in early childhood.

I arrived on Vancouver Island, B.C. in August of 2012 to heal a lifetime of addictive behaviours and substantial abuse to my body, mind and spirit. I met Andrew Louisy at the Time To Heal Society and proceeded with physical treatments, energy work and counselling. Through this experience, I’ve received two blessings; a guide and a muse who both inspire, heighten and stimulate my imagination to this day!

In 2014, as repressed memories started to rise and I was learning how to energetically release them, I began to paint therapeutically as a detached observer. Eventually, as I became more grounded and connected to myself for the first time in years, I came to the awareness that the paintings I was producing were (and still are) the result of O.R.E. (Obsessive, Restless & Experimental) behaviours. I am happy to say that due to this restless nature I simultaneously create paintings in different styles and subject.

I don’t have a favoured style, I am now simply just enjoying the journey towards the unknown; or perhaps (some may say) I am still searching for it! I strongly feel that painting should depict an artist not a style. Overall, (if I had to) I would venture to refer to my art as “emotional expressionism.” As you will notice, colour and shape are my primary means of conveying energetic emotional release, and I tend to use both with considerable abandon.

I am eternally grateful for the guidance of Andrew Louisy as my Art Agent from 2014 – 2021 and for Time To Heal Society, located at 511 Canada Ave in Duncan BC, where my paintings are for sale in my personal “Art From the Heart” Gallery. With Andrew’s support, I’ve participated in numerous art exhibits in Duncan and across Vancouver Island.
As of October 2021 my paintings are now for sale through “One Flower One Leaf Gallery” @ 436 Marine Drive V0N 1V0 in Gibson’s BC. This eclectic Art Gallery is located downtown along the gorgeous waterfront.

In 2020, I graciously began a new life on the Sunshine Coast of BC. I am living my hearts desires, in a healthy stable relationship and have a brilliantly lit art studio to be uninhibitedly creative in!! I’ve registered my art as a business and “Art From the Heart Studio” is officially open!

My Creativity continues to open up dramatically and presently I am exploring three styles and subjects simultaneously. Bold simple shapes, colourful coastal landscapes and colourful abstract kaleidoscopic designs.

Oct 2021 on – Exhibiting at One Flower One Leaf Gallery – 436 Marine Drive, Gibsons, BC.

Jan/Feb 2021 – Member Exhibit – Sunshine Coast Arts Council, Sechelt BC.

Aug 2020 – Studio Opening – “Art From The Heart” Davis Bay, Sunshine Coast BC.

May 2020 – Cowichan Valley Annual Fine Arts Show (CVAC) Cowichan Valley Arts Council

Jan to Apr 2020 – Solo Exhibit – MLA Offices, Victoria BC.

2018 – Gallery Opening – “Art From The Heart” in Duncan BC.

2018 – Solo Exhibit – Coffee on the Moon, Duncan BC.

2018 – Solo Exhibit – Fish Bowl Cafe, Duncan BC.

May to Aug 2017 – Solo Exhibit – (CPAC) Cowichan Performing Arts Centre

2016 – “Through Her Eyes to Aslan’s Land” published 2016 (Book Cover Art)

Jun 2016 – Silent Auction – Mayberly, Ontario.

Apr 2016 – Solo Art Exhibit – Downtown Duncan, Duncan BC.

Mar 2016 – Silent Auction at the Cowichan Chamber of Commerce (CCOC)

Dec 2015 – Solo Christmas Art Exhibit – Duncan BC.

Nov 2015 – Solo Fall Art Exhibit – Duncan BC.

Mar 2015 – Opening Solo Art Exhibit – Time To Heal , Duncan BC.

March 2015 – Interview with Shaw TV – Artist takes Healing Journey, through Art