… about Jan

Jan’s art has come a long way since her first efforts, when at the tender age of 4, she took crayons, pastels and her mothers lipsticks in hand and literally transformed the underside of the coffee and end tables in thick bright designs and colours. A few years later, most of the family’s hard covered books had paintings within their front and back covers.

Jan laughs and is always quick to admit how her life’s journey from Ontario to British Columbia in 2012 to recreate her life has affected and inspired her creativity at every turn. This is where she committed to an extensive journey of physical treatments, emotional & spiritual counselling and workshops that offered the tools to consistently stabilize her life.

Jan’s guide and healer, Andrew, eventually re-ignited that childhood passion for painting as an outward expression honouring her positive changes and personal growth. Through steam sessions, he taught Jan how to channel various artists and to openly explore her vast creative potential denied through years of abuse and addictions. In fact it was the consistent exposure to that innate grit and chaos of the past that actually gave birth to the many ‘faces’ of Jan’s paintings.

When Jan moved to BC’s Sunshine Coast in 2020, she stated, “my chaos has finally met with tranquility!” Within a heartbeat, the vivid seascapes, peaceful waters, mountains and eclectic inhabitants captured her heart. The positive evolution in both her personal life and her art is evident in the vividly colourful series “A Coastal Retrospective.” The first of many more to come.

The Time To Heal Society in Duncan BC and One Flower One Leaf Gallery in Gibson’s BC both curate a collection of Jan’s latest works.

Artist Statement

The idea that my paintings could energetically add positive light to someones space provides me with an ongoing source of inspiration. I always appreciate the ability to be creative without limits, boundaries or expectation. My goal as an artist is to continue to interpret and express my vision of the world in which we live.

All my original paintings are titled and have a descriptive oracle which offers a soulful insight into the emotional reflection of my heart & soul while painting or at the moment of completion. These descriptions serve as personal written messages energetically received by my spirit through universal Mentors, Guides, God, Source. I share them through my heart to yours as a reflection of healing.

You can view my creativity through:

Art From the Heart Studio in Davis Bay, BC 

Contact: janrouth1@gmail.com or janmaccormackrouth@gmail.com

Time To Heal Society @ 511 Canada Ave, Duncan, BC 250-597-1099

One Flower One Leaf Gallery @ 436 Marine Dr, Gibson’s, BC 604-886-0099


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