Gallery – Heart Studio

Welcome to my art studio. I thoroughly enjoyed all the visitors, connections, feedback and sales during the 2022 Art Crawl. Thank you

Challenging my reality with new ideas is what brings me into my sacred space. My inspiration is driven by everything vibrant, energetic and creative. Ultimately, I enjoy having fun and practice not taking life too seriously.

On display are the recently completed paintings that travel with me for exhibits. Presently hanging is “Chaos Meets Tranquility,” my coastal retrospective of seascapes, landscapes and eclectic inhabitants of the Sunshine Coast – as seen through my paintbrush.

Various sizes (as listed) on canvas.

Each painting arrives with a description that serves as a message from my heart to yours. These are insightful energetic reminders of how I learned to create a positive shift or ripple outwards through my life. I am grateful that the tales of my life’s adventures are hanging on walls both visually and through my descriptions.

For a price list and options to purchase originals or prints, I am very flexible…. please contact me directly at

Christmas Mountain – 24” x 24” canvas

A little fun with crows, berries and landscapes.

Riding the Winds of Knowledge –

Prints on Canvas

24″ x 36″ $200

12″ x 24″ $150

8″ x 12″ $60

The Stag of Orion – 24” x 36” canvas

Strength lies in the diverse skills and resources of each.

Blue By You – 24” x 36” canvas

Activate and earth yourself in nature to release karmic residues.

Folly – 24” x 36” canvas

Your choice is to awaken positively in reality or suffer humiliation through dark.

Heat Dome – 24” x 36” canvas

Lots of hot air, drama, over promising, under delivering clashes of opinion and belligerent self promotion.

Atmospheric River – 24” x 36” canvas

Withdraw from the struggle of worldly events and let it all flood by you.

Six Trees – 24” x 36” canvas

Pulled forward by a vision and on fire with the power of radical change.

Turbulence – 30” x 40” canvas

Feeling good about your reality allows expansiveness.

Boats On The Bay – 24″ x 36″ canvas

Simple forms glisten from afar. Sail boats standing on guard dotted the horizon.

Inception – 36” x 48” canvas

Knowing your own heart, you often let manipulative or destructive people do their worst and pass out of your life. Don’t let bad values steamroll you. Make a stand for your inner beliefs and rise up to cast the negatives (even if they are people) out of your life.

Fall Frontal – 48” x 36”canvas

As the gravity of life draws itself through innumerable changes, some seasons may be sad. I evolve through struggle, release and letting go. With a spectrum of green in my heart I am an airborne winged spirit soaring through the luminosity of iridescent paint. Glitter onward – your own imagination is only limited by the control you refuse to release.

Stormy Sunrise – 12” X 36”canvas

Let nature serve as a reminder that even positiveness can develop naturally.

REFORESTATION – 26” x 48” canvas

When your inner life is clouded, the influence of the world is likewise hidden. Learn to see the trees within the forest of your own creation.

The Out Lands – 36” x 36” canvas

In order to get somewhere, one needs to keep travelling. There are infinite possibilities of the rough seas of our western out-lands or even through our dreamscapes.

Simplicity in Action – 36” x 36”canvas

At this time, a relatively humble force is having influence over a stronger one. When one’s motives and intentions are genuine, conscientious creativity flows.

NATURES FLOW – 36” x 36” Acrylic

Snagged by image and impression causes me physical, emotional or spiritual pain if I am reflecting as only one fragment of myself. This becomes awkward and agonizing as I only desire to wake up to become my greater self.

Emotional Gardening – 36” x 18” canvas

Practice ruthless internal classification. You don’t need to restrict what is now becoming part of your nature. This Is a huge step for you, who overthinks your feelings before you can catch yourself overthinking.


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