Now on display at the Duncan Gallery

“Experimental Emotionalism and Imperfection”

As a child I learned quickly just what a great big messy bit of fun creativity is, and as I matured and developed a communication style, (both visually and verbally), I learned that my personal sense of self can become a benefit or hindrance to artistic creativity.  Through the last 10 years, I have aspired to never lose my sense of fun and inspiration. As for those prior years, let’s just say that they were my training ground of hindrance for my experimental emotionalism and imperfection.”
These pivotal worldly times in our lives lead us, (each in our own unique way), to change our outlook.  As I live my life, while continuing to be accountable and stable, I have learned to transmute major traumas by using visual art. Through my choices of painting style, paint colours and methods, I have always attempted to make sense of the energetic forces confronting me in any given moment.  Reconstruction to a positive reality takes neural energy that I transfer onto the canvas.
This collection of paintings is pointedly abstract.  It is my hope that this translates to a similarity in your life and at the very least, to some feeling or vision you can relate to.


The Time To Heal Society, at 511 Canada Avenue in Duncan has graciously donated their wall space to permanently display an “Art From the Heart Gallery” of my creativity.  I continue to be blessed through my experiences and the on-going support by my friends in Duncan.

After Exhibits:   Paintings are updated as new ones become available.

  • For private viewing and/or to accommodate your schedule, please email me at, leave a message at 604-212-2975 or contact Andrew directly at 604-754-7911.

    Each original painting comes with a descriptive oracle / message of healing.

    Canvas paintings are painted using acrylics unless stated otherwise.




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