Bio / Statement

I am an artist with an obsessive, restless and habitually experimental creative nature! My paintings are colourful energetic expressions created through a wide variety of styles. I refer to my art as “emotional expressionism” because I’ve transitioned to embracing and expressing the expansive creative potential I spent most of my life denying.

In 2012, I was spiritually guided to move to Vancouver Island as a result of a personal crisis and the awareness that if I desired to continue living, I needed physical and emotional healing from abuse, addiction, chaotic futility and contrary behaviours. Through intensive energy work, physical therapies, trauma counselling and the many mentors at Time To Heal Society, my health and healing progressed.

It was during 2014, I expressed a desire to become an artist. Soon after, I was blessed with a guide and a muse who both inspired, heightened and stimulated my imagination to paint while the Time To Heal Society encouraged and supported my career growth by sponsoring public Art Openings and Exhibits to show and sell my paintings. To this day, Time To Heal Society curates a collection of my paintings at their Healing Centre on Vancouver Island.

To continue achieving stability and balance, in 2020 I moved to BC’s Sunshine Coast. In a heartbeat, the peaceful waterways, vivid landscapes, seascapes against clouded mountains and the eclectic inhabitants captured my heart.

Chaos has finally met Tranquility; the evolution in both my personal life and my art is evident in virtually each one of the beautiful and intriguing paintings I have created.

All my original paintings are titled and have a descriptive oracle which offers a soulful insight into the emotional reflection of my heart while painting or at the moment of completion. These descriptions serve as personal written messages energetically received by my spirit through universal mentors, guides, god or source. I share them through my heart to yours as a reflection of healing.

You can view my creativity through:

Art From the Heart Studio in Davis Bay, BC (email to to schedule time

Time To Heal Society @ 511 Canada Ave, Duncan, BC 250-597-1099

One Flower One Leaf Gallery @ 436 Marine Dr, Gibson’s, BC 604-886-0099

Interview at the Opening of my First Exhibit on Vancouver Island